Talking Straight Trash

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and noticed that it smelled terribly yet they were accustomed to it so they didn’t notice and YOU ended up with a headache… same thing here… so I say, TAKE OUT YOUR TRASH!

Your Daily Dose Of Racism.

I am not your personal negro set to help you navigate through the world of passive racism and definitely not one that should have to live through your deficiency.

Tour the House Of Slaves/ Door of No Return [Full Video]

The House of Slaves (Maison des Esclaves) and its Door of No Return is a museum and memorial to the Atlantic slave trade on Gorée Island, 3 km off the coast of the city of Dakar, Senegal. Its museum, which was opened in 1962 and curated until Boubacar Joseph Ndiaye's death in 2009, is said to memorialise the final exit point of the slaves from Africa. While …