Healing is HARD.

Did y'all know that healing from surgery was hard. I mean HARD hard. Literally I got the hiccups while starting this sentence and almost DIED! This type of confusion and pain is not definitely not from the Lord. The majority of you are saying DUH COURTNEY ITS SURGERY but believe me when I say that …

Becoming Mombeleur

This February the Spiel is focusing on love.  In this episode Fitz & Fabiola describe the moment they realized they were meant to be together and the events leading up to it that were set up to make or break the moment. The Spiel Released A New Episode!

My Roomate Stole My Car

Dude! Wheres my car? This episode is one that is even hard us at the Spiel to believe. Listen in as @Starringcourtny describes the time in which a roommate crossed a boundary that you'd never believe and sold... her car. The Spiel Released A New Episode!