#StoryTime Dear Thailand,  I didn’t invite her.  I’m sorry. 

Thailand was exactly what a trip should be.  It was an experience.  Now when I  say experience I know that your expectations are thrills,  discoveries and other trip worthy things.  This experience was more about me..  And how I successfully defeated a return to the world,  more overly the urge to knock the life out of another’s body! 

At this point my Texas friends are clutching their pearls cause ‘no way,  never Courtney’  and my Kansas friends are leaning in cause…  They’ve probably experienced  a good ol Courtney SNAP! B.C. 

Sing it with me: “I (go ahead an stretch it out now)  know I’ve been changed.  The angels in heaven done signed my name” 

Literally cause this trip placed me face to face with a beast.  You ever meet someone that’s just spiritually funky!  I was greeted w that on this trip.  For kindness sake we will rename her Lindsey.  

Lindsey was set to be a great friend to me cause she’s originally from Detroit.  You know I love Detroit.  I was expecting to hustle (that’s line dance in Texas) and relate.  Discuss the handsome men and become really good friends because who doesn’t love me?!  I’m super friendly!  

From the start I  knew that she did not prefer me. From my she’s happy hair to my all things girly knowledge her line of questioning seemed demeaning.  But perspective is everything so I thought maybe it’s me.  

I quickly discovered that these behaviors were normalcy to our renamed friend Lindsey.  From the way in which she addressed hotel and wait staff and even her own friend on the trip.  

I’m so serious when I say that her and her OWN friend had to have an hour and half pow wow on the beach after one of her ridiculous comments to her own friend almost turned into an episode of WWE!  Thankfully I had another party there and we skipped off to the beach..  

This is a serious question to all you amazing  readers from me.  What makes a woman think that because she is rude to you that it will get her closer to the man she’s seeking…  Who is close to you..  I don’t understand it.  Especially when the man is not my  man but my friend.  

She then showed crazy girl interest in a friend who was traveling with me and decided that she’d gain favor with him by being a jerk to me.  It started small enough.  Rude comments about me to me but friendly enough. She was good.  There were even moments where she would get him to fall into the negativity towards me unknowingly…  Men don’t know..  They don’t deal with this…. She’d bump me from where I’m standing to place herself next to him separating me. Made sure that I knew she and he were communicating and that some of his comments towards me were negative. 

Let’s stop there a second.  NO ONE and I mean NO ONE in their right mind has negative things to say about me.  So these things bothered me none.  I know my friend was NOT talking bad about me whether or not he engaged in any communication with her.  

Water off a ducks back! 

So she stepped up her game.  At some points LITERALLY stepping on me. No worries guys non basic me gets gel on my nails so it didn’t fade them…  Or me.  

But internally it bothered me.  This girl was basically bullying me and I wasn’t reacting.  Or so she thought cause she wasn’t aware of the super beast of flesh that lays dormant inside of me.  I took a couple breaks to miss my friends and breathe 


Cry to release anger 


I couldn’t blog my day to day experiences cause I only wanted to tame that beast! I had nothing to say except what I  refused to say externally and was hoping that yall were praying for me cause I needed a hug and a miracle…  LITERALLY. 

Now I do want to point out that her lack of self worth at one point did help me.  I attracted the attention of a handsome fellow from Egypt and in true African style he wasn’t receptive to being curved.  She approached super aggressive and thirsty.  Reached and touched him told him he was so fine. Wanted to connect with him.  This allowed me to sneak away.  I hear that he took her actions literally and asked for a piece!  Better her than me. 

Fast forward to the day I stopped trying. We were on a speed boat and she continually kneed me everytime I interacted with the man that she apparently wanted to interact with.  At one point we stood to take pictures and she stretched over to my seat so I and her friend had no where to sit down successfully rearranging us so that she could sit next to the man that she so desperately wanted to be by. 
Now maybe it’s because I’ve never been ugly (oops.  There some petty coming through)  but I don’t understand any of this and it’s saddening.  Especially CAUSE only  I could swim and she…  was so close to meeting me IN the sea…  

Proof that your prayers were coming through
But the more time I spent away from her the more I was able to recoup. Please also don’t let me sound like I’m perfect.  I did have a few snide remarks before walking away at times.  And I wasn’t always smiling.   The last day I made the decision to not interact with her at all. Canceling all group plans and voyaging,  if it came to it,  alone. Not surprisingly I wasn’t the only one who needed a break from this draining beast.. Wait lets stick to her fake name… Lindsey.  

Quickly to the end.  Another argument with her friend. This one was super bad and she ended up spending her time alone as we continued as three..  Which we should have done on day 3 cause she came on day 2…  Hmmm

Now that I’ve emptied the garbage I can tell you about Thailand without the shadow of what bothered me.  

I can guarantee you in the future if you ain’t in the crew…  You not coming on a trip.  No.  More.  Crazy….  That I’m not familiar and cool with! 

Now stop asking me!  Yes there were 4! I only got these 2 pics w the other party. Now,  I need all my hi fives for staying yalls baby and not turning on that switch… 

AND I WAS RIGHT FOR NOT SNAPPING! Stop that! Yall mean!  

And I love you for having my back 🙈🙊🙉

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